Friday, January 18, 2008

Dov Charney: Undovwear

"There is no evidence to say that you can't walk around in your underwear all day anywhere in the United States of America," he testified.
The founder of American Apparel will star in a sexual-harassment trial this week.Dov Charney walks around his office in his underwear, sleeps with employees, and calls women bitches, sluts, whores and the c-word - and that's the stuff he admits toIn her civil case, which is slated to begin in Los Angeles tomorrow, former employee Mary Nelson charges the eccentric Charney, 39, once had a meeting with her wearing only a fragment of clothing called a "c- - k sock," invited her to masturbate with him, and then fired her when he learned she planned to meet with a lawyer.
He also acknowledged traipsing around his company wearing only his American Apparel-made underwear.

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