Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NYPost : A Room With a View

The basement of 1211 is a place where you play frogger to get past the orange-skinned pundits and nicotine-addled gumshoes of Mr. Murdoch’s empire. And the 10th floor, home of The New York Post? “It’s a disaster,” said one veteran Post reporter. On a quick survey of the newsroom, this reporter saw piled-up telephone books, rows of U.S. postal bins “full of shit,” notebooks, broken computers, extension cords. “Whenever a printer breaks here, we don’t get rid of it, we just put the new one next to it.”“Paula [Froelich] from Page Six gets really loud! And people from 10 feet away will yell at her to shut up. No one uses their phone, everyone just screams over the hedge. You have people from two or three rows away joining into each other’s conversations. There are people who literally wear ear plugs, or big four-inch round headphones, to drown out the noise, especially on deadline. It’s so loud.”

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