Thursday, January 17, 2008

Putting a Guy in His Place:” Two guys, a gal and an adventure. What a glorious feeling; they’re happy again.

Shadows in my Mind
Le menage a trois,voila.: In America.Oh,the pilgrims and their Mayflower syndrome.The Shakers,Quakers and all the invaders that took over a land,that belonged to tribes that lived here for centuries before them,had Americo Italian, (for whom this land from sea to sea was named) not discovered these shores: of course a fact that is downsized until today in the history books of the US) only to have Cristoban Columbus another Italian, at the mercy of Isabella the Queen of Spain,who to get rid of the Jews in Spain ,in order to loot and get all their assets,enlisted a fanatic madman called Torquemada,who on his own created hell,for which we are still having to deal with,5oo years later.
Dear Columbus,on his own,did arrive on this side by miscalculation,as here was en route to India,where he was going to shop or loot,rather for spices,drugs and what have rolled
and who knows,historically speaking.But Oh!Mon Dieu,what a sacrilege to utter those words,no?
Somehow it was an inevitable fact,the invasion of this continent,to the unhappiness of the aboriginal inhabitants,the Anastasi,Algonquins,Cherokee ,Navajos and others:

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