Tuesday, February 5, 2008

All About Hillary and Snow White

How much charm is a necessary armor for a vulnerable soul.
“She had a more practical view of what people’s motives could be.”
To the outside world, Mrs. Clinton seemed variously combative or stoic.
But friends said she suffered in private, crying and blaming herself.
‘I wish you knew the Hillary I think I know.’”
“That’s essentially her approach. Get dirty, then wash it all off and move on.”
I don’t think she has intended to be a harder person.
‘Cautious’ might be a better word.”“It’s not easy, and I don’t think it’s ever been easy”
“the brittle caricature some critics accused me of being.”
“We don’t sit down and have those mother-daughter discussions
about how she relates to her husband,
her daughter, or anything else as far as her personal life is concerned.
We don’t talk about deeply personal things.”

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