Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hillary and Obama: The Dreamer and the Doer

Feel free to ask last-minute questions.
One minute they’re not even speaking. The next thing you know they’re at Thursday’s debate smiling and whispering in each other’s ear. (Use of the word “agree”: Obama, 7; Clinton, 5.)
Political opponents get along well only when one of them has no chance of winning. When the big prize is teetering in the balance, everybody always gets sweaty and aggressive and unlovable. (See: Congress.) So, they don’t talk. Their campaigns have grievance lists longer than the phone book. Barack didn’t shake Hillary’s hand at the State of the Union address. Accepting the explanation that he didn’t see her is possible only for people who can imagine being at a party and not noticing when the boyfriend who dumped you last week is standing 3 feet away.

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