Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Of Bulls,Rats and Crows : And a melodious note

W idespread, common, and obvious, the American Crow is known by most people. What is less well known is how complex its life is.
In some areas, the American Crow has a double life.
Young crows remain with their parents until they can find a home of their own, and individual relationships may last years Eyes dark brown Legs black.All feathers black glossed with violet Size: 40-53 cm (16-21 in Wingspan: 85-100 cm (33-39 in)Weight: 316-620 g (11.15-21.89 ounces)
Sexes alike in plumage, but male averages slightly larger.Populations slightly, but significantly increasing over last half of 20th century. Severe susceptibility to West Nile virus may cause population decreases in near future. You can help scientists learn more about this species by participating in the Celebrate Urban Birds! project.
Sound:Common call a harsh "caw." Also a variety of rattles, coos, and clear notes.
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Bison said...

Great drawing! Now what tipped you off the the Crow part?


Marguerita said...

Here,Michael at this time I was not a clairvoyant....
Anonymous Bison said...

Yes, I am a rat! And a Bovine...and a crow.,well confess!!!