Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eliot Spitzer and The Human Condition

To Eliot Spitzer,

Why ?

In a world dominated by disorder and decay, a man lost his standing towards himself.

Let all of us the audience of this unraveling theater of the absurd , be calm and thoughtful. A man ,supposedly comfortable in life, turns out to be poorer and more miserable than the dirtiest pariah or beggar around, for this man, has lost touch with his inner self. He is ,a mirror of the restlessness that is overwhelming all of us, living and sharing the same space and air. The decadent and sick environment that is crying loud to deaf ears.

The absence of an interior monologue, the lack of ownership of one’s soul, a priori, is the path to that unavoidable abyss.

Eliot Spitzer chose to be a man with buoyancy ,a resilience to attempt the wonderful ideal of finding harmony and balance in the ongoing chaos, only to fail into the human weakness of his own self.

He was looking for clarity only to descend into darkness.

And now, we are his partners in pain and the ones to join ,hand in hands to attain happiness.

No need of pantomimes or fake smiles. Only to be real and open our hearts and

lend our warmth.

We are all hurting. At last, the fantasy of Power and Wealth have lost their masks.

The bottom line, is Love. Love thy self and learn to love Life.

Be alert to the sound of the birds, the colors of Nature, tune into every moment of existence and be aware of how we all need each other.


Life is not a rehearsal.

Looking up Umberto Eco, in The Name of The Rose ,”Aristotle had dedicated

The second book of the Poetics specifically to laughter, as laughter is important.

Many others had devoted entire books to sin, which is important but evil.

Aristotle had spoken of laughter as something good and an instrument of truth.

On the end we are all humans .And perfection is a fantasy.

We need healing.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your poetic and accurate assessment. And, thanks for the time you have spent growing and delving into your self in order to see more clearly. Good luck on your journey.

Nice drawings too.