Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sarko, Le Monsieur Finesse: Chacun à son Goût

The President is off today to Chad and South Africa, taking Bruni for her first foreign trip as première dame. He will be glad to escape after a rough week. But the gaffe-prone team at the Elysée Palace will no doubt keep us entertained in his absence. To follow up on our debate this week on bad language, here's another taste of Sarko's rough tongue. According to today's Canard Enchaîné, which is usually well informed, the president blew his top with his staff after a string of goofs last Wednesday. He was, he told them, surrounded by a bunch of cons et de branleurs. The latter word in British English translates directly as wankers. Con, as we noted earlier has lost its sexual sense and just means fool, idiot or clown.

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