Monday, March 17, 2008

Woman : The Guilty Sex

from a unpublished book The Incredible Modern Woman "by Marguerita

“The media is on eggshells about race, but has blinders on about sex and gender stereotyping”

“I’m not such a Mars-Venus person but this is one of those moments where gender is at least a partial explanation.“The hysterical insults flung at Hillary Clinton are just a franker, crazier version of the everyday insults — shrill, strident, angry, ranting, unattractive — that are flung at any vaguely liberal mildly feminist woman who shows a bit of spirit and independence,” she wrote, “who puts herself out in the public realm, who doesn’t fumble and look up coyly from underneath her hair and give her declarative sentences the cadence of a question.”

It’s hardly that all women are on the same side — there were plenty of women making the points men were about prostitution after Gov. Eliot Spitzer of New York resigned following the news that he had paid perhaps tens of thousands of dollars for sex. But there seemed to be a starker split between men’s and women’s reactions to the scandal. And women who for a long time felt they were on opposite sides of a generational divide on gender issues were finding things in common.
“I do think women are angry, but anger doesn’t get us very far. It’s a motivator, but it’s not enough.”

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