Thursday, April 24, 2008

Colson Whitehead:The Guy Who Got Where He Is Only Because He’s Black.

I TRY to keep a low profile. Maybe you see me in the hallway but don’t know my name. Say hi to me in the coffee room but don’t really know me. I break my silence now because of this election mess.It’s all hokum, and I should know.Most folks don’t know much about me, apart from the feeling of injustice that hits when I walk into the room with my easy charisma and air of entitlement. I understand. It’s weird when your government passes legislation, like equal opportunity laws, that benefits one single person in the country — me.It’s exhausting, all that travel. Decent, hard-working folks out there have their religion and their xenophobia to cling to.
Look, we’re all hurting, trying to make ends meet.
I have serious overhead with all the résumés I send out. The postage is one thing, but I also like to print my résumé on a nice creamy bond. I think it sends a message. Then there’s the dry cleaning and the soap — I prefer to be clean and articulate in my interviews, put my best foot forward. I think it’s working. People are responding to how I present myself.
I know some folks feel bitter about me,
as bitter as the first dandelion greens of the season.

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