Sunday, April 6, 2008

“The fearsome battle between spirit and matter”

artwork by Marguerita previously published as cover for Reinaldo Arenas - The Palace of the White Skunks.
"Sometimes what keeps me going is the hope that there's another hell,another inferno someplace"
"Now I see that hell is always what you can't reject.What's just simply there."
" Now I see tha hell is not circular,not on fire,but just the fleeting,instantaneous present,taking up all the width and breadth of our heartbroken,wounded memory".
"Now I see that hell is not annihilating fire- such wondrous good fortune if it were!- but rather an invariable glare which condemns us to see,to eternally see that which,by reason of that very glare, we call our hell."
"That which,by reason of that very glare, is unbearable."
"And real."
" Hell is the price which must be paid for asking ourselves intelligent,logical questions."
" You run, and when you finally stop you discover that you're in the very same place you were running from."
"Hell is us always looking at the horror,unable to join it,or merge into it,or hide in it,but unable to be devoured by it,either."
"Now we are condemned to be present at the collapse of all our dreams, though we are not allowed to collapse ourselves."
"And we are not allowed to weep."
"We are not allowed to cry for help."
"We are not allowed to trust."
"We are not allowed to resign."
"Just to look, see, and suffer."
"Just to look,just to look."
"To interpret it, perhaps to speak it."
"But not to perish,ever."
"Look at me."

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