Saturday, May 17, 2008

An Elusive Mind

Does he think he's made in God's image, does he think he has a soul? Does he think he has a Jewish soul? Or is Judaism all just a kind of ethnic prison imposed on him from without? You don't know—it's simply not a concern of his. And somehow when you're reading, you don't necessarily miss it.from an interview with Jonathan Rosen- byBlake Eskin the editor of

Main Entry:
elu·sive Listen to the pronunciation of elusive
\ē-ˈlü-siv, -ˈlü-ziv\
: tending to elude: as a: tending to evade grasp or pursuit <elusive prey> b: hard to comprehend or define c: hard to isolate or identify
elu·sive·ly adverb
elu·sive·ness noun

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