Friday, May 30, 2008

The Greening of the Apple,Ha! Mr. Bloomberg:My landlord is evicting me on June 15th

drawings by margueritaToday I pleaded with my landlord. He does not care. Money,he said.Otherwise street,he said,
I want the money!!!!!!!!!
The building,by the way was owned by J.Jacob Astor. and has a long and excentric history.
No. 732 Broadway

July 1, 1872, Wednesday

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At the top of a grand old building at Broadway and Waverley Place in Greenwich Village is a sign that says "Treffurth's."Treffurth's was a noted restaurant on Broadway at the turn of the century. The building, according to the book "A Walk On Broadway: A Journey Over Time" by David Dunlap, dates to 1882.
It was in Astor Place that there occurred a riot on the tenth of May,
1849, which is sometimes spoken of as the "Macready riot," the enmity of the
rioters being directed against the famous English actor of that name who was
appearing at the Opera House, whose site is now occupied by the Mercantile
Library. The trouble grew out of the rivalry of Forrest and Macready, and
the friends of the former aroused the passions of the multitude by making it
a dispute between American and Englishman. The Seventh Regiment fired upon
the mob, thirty-four of whom were killed and many wounded. The regiment
itself had one hundred and forty-one of its members hurt, some seriously.


…Cause its all about money,

ain't a damn thing funny
You got to have a con in this land of milk and
Its all about money in NYC. Knock down the affordable buildings and put up towers as fast as possible before the market crashes….posted by MM


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Jesús said...

Diras lo que quieras pero Nueva York esta muy mal cuidada, para ser la capital del mundo presenta un aspecto cochambroso. Se nota que alguien se queda los impuestos.