Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"I am a worm, and no man"

Even though the reading of the psalms is necessary for all Christian
spirituality, they hold a special place within the hearts of those
inspired by Saint Louis de Montfort. Although his manner of
interpretation may not be ours, nonetheless, it is evident that he is
totally imbued with both the spirit and words of the psalms. His
contemplative praying of the psalter opened up for him magnificent
vistas not accessible through a cold, academic study of "the psalms as
Nonetheless, praying the psalms is not always easy. First, the psalms
may appear as strange expressions of centuries ago, hardly relevant in
the third millenium. Life experiences are perhaps necessary to be in
tune with many of the psalms.6 Anguish, joy, praise, victory coupled
with sickness, and lamentable defeat and fear of death all resonate
throughout the psalter. The psalms give words to our innermost feelings.
Like Saint Louis de Montfort, our own life experiences and our own
community events are to interpret the psalms, as the psalms themselves
interpret us.

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