Friday, May 23, 2008

Medical News: Obsessive Sarkomona

d'apres Leonardo da Vinci - 1503-o5
“He’s penetrated some of their deepest fantasies. I noticed all this passion in people speaking of him, and I thought there is something particular about this man — he’s like a reflection of us in the mirror.”“He’s the incarnation of the postmodern man, obsessed with himself, turned toward pleasure, autonomous and narcissistic,” the psychiatrist said. “And he exhibits his joys and sorrows, all his private life, his sentimental doubts and pleasures. He represents the individualism of the society to the extreme, that it’s the individual who counts, not the society.”A year after taking office, Mr. Sarkozy can appear to be everywhere, at least in the world of television and print.“He fascinates everyone,” said a friend who knows Mr. Sarkozy well and did not want to be identified speaking about him. “He’s passionate, and he polarizes people.”
“After a year of dependency, how can we stop being Sarkotoxicated?”

As yet, there appears to be no cure.

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