Friday, May 16, 2008

When Mother Nature Rocks and Rolls

Yesterday in Deep Sea the Fishes’s Committee of the Central Deep Sea Conservancy held its 26th Annual Awards Luncheon in the Conservatory Garden behind the Wonderbuilt gates in the Deep Sea at 104th Wave and Fifth .

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The claim that “natural disasters often wreak their worst havoc on the disadvantaged” is almost a caricature of Sulzbergerism. The disadvantaged have less property to lose, so the financial damage they suffer in a natural disaster is often less than the rich suffer. More broadly, the idea that a natural disaster can tell whether it is afflicting a rich person or a poor person is just absurd on its face. Colonel John Jacob Astor IV, a first class passenger on the Titanic,when the iceberg that killed him didn’t care about the gold watch, gold pencil, and diamond-encrusted ring and cufflinks that were found on him when his corpse was recovered.

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