Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Giorgio Battistelli:“Ciao Gaia,Basta con la Temperatura!”

poster by marguerita
Once the Weather Seer has explained Poseidon’s passion and shown him the rising seas, Algorino should immediately rush back to save Gaia. And why, with his lover in peril, would he pause en route to rescue a drowning polar bear?I’m sorry you were so saddened by the battle scene and the finale. I agree it would end more happily if Algorino vanquished Petroleo and reburied the Minemaidens’ treasure. No doubt we could create a fine aria for Carbonia as she is “sequestered” underground (although we might be accused of copying the “Aida” entombment finale).
As you suggest, we could end with an ensemble celebration of Algorino’s marriage to Gaia.

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