Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MonsterDesafio- An indecisive bird complains

Another bird declared:: 'As you can see, I lack the organs of virility;
Each moment I prefer a diferent tree- I'm drunk,devout,the world's then (briefly) His; Caught between " No,isn't ", "Yes it is". The flesh will send me drinking, then I'll find The praise of God awakening in my mind; What should I do between these two extremes, Imprisoned by conflicting needs and dreams? " And the hoopoe said: "This troubles everyone; What man is truly single-minded? None ! If all of us could boast a spotless mind , Why should the prophets mingle with mankind? If it is love which prompts your fervent prayers, A hundred kindnesses will calm your cares, Life is an obstinate young colt - until He's broken in by your restraining will He who knows no peace; but you are indolent, Stretched out beside the oven,warm, content. Tears temper hearts; but living well's a rust That inch by inch reduces them to dust- You 're just a eunuch pampering his needs;
Your Self's a grown gross, a dog that sleeps and feeds.

from The Conference of Birds- by Farid Ud-Din Attar

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