Thursday, June 5, 2008

Passion about Sexism in American life.

"Of course there's been sexism throughout this campaign…. But at this point, keeping track of every tone-deaf criticism matters less than delivering an active, impassioned response. Senator Clinton is the one woman in America right now who has the perspective, and the responsibility, to give that response."And that is as it should be, because if we're going to build a strong progressive coalition, and rebuild this nation, we must stand together. That means refusing to engage in what some have called "the oppression sweepstakes." It also requires a capacity to see race and gender in multi-dimensional terms.And in the months and years ahead, Senator Clinton could highlight policies that challenge structural sexism – whether with regard to women's reproductive rights and healthcare, or pay equity and equal access to positions of power. She could become a bold leader in the Senate on issues of health, education, women's rights, civil rights, labor rights and the many issues that impact the lives of women.

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