Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Drapes of Grass d'apres Adam and Eve avec Steinbeck

The focus on the hearts and minds of men is not strictly limited to straight plays......
For as this season, amply stocked with duplicitous, deranged or deluded males, makes clear, men behaving badly may be a dispiriting spectacle in the public sphere (see Edwards, John), but it almost inevitably makes effective theater.
TO study the behavior of men under stress you won’t need to look much farther than the front pages of newspapers this fall. The surprise entry into the race of a certain moose-eating, gun-toting grandma-to-be caused a minor shift in the focus, but most of the news-media glare will soon rest once more on the flaws and strengths, the goofs and the gaffes of the two men leading the tickets.

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