Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sarah Palin Tips for Foreign Policy

A Little Bit of Moosey Happiness

Real MOOSE POOP doo doo nugget earrings jewelry |
Random Good Stuff & other notes of value,such as info about moose and how to match Wall Street other venues

No they're not coffee beans. They are Moose droppings or dunk, shit, feces, manure or to sound nicer, excrement.

Inside these Moose droppings are usually fibres of chew up barks so its quite solid. The collected droppings are painted with a clear coat of paint before it is made into jewellery so don't worry, you're not touching shit. Lol.

At Talkeetna, Alaska, the people make a big deal out of these droppings. They even celebrate these Moose shit by holding an annual mid July.Why would I want moose nuggets? They make great gag gifts and souvenirs. They are lightweight and easier to pack than rocks.
And by the way :
“You want to know how to lose money in a hurry?” Harvey told me, while kicking rock-hard clumps of frozen manure. “Become a farmer with the state of Alaska as your partner. This is what you call negative farming.”

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