Monday, October 20, 2008

Of Men and their Parts or Counterparts: Your testicles are terrific

drawing by marguerita
Women are fearless.
Men are silent.
In my experience, men never talk about each other's appearance, either behind each other's backs or face to face and testicles to testicles.
It's as if the male body is invisible to other males whereas, in fact, most male bodies get more visible by the year, as the belly oozes over the belt like a suet pudding boiling over a saucepan rim. I have yet to meet a man who looks me up and down for cosmetic, corporeal and fashion lapses .
That was the secret of Trinny and Susannah. They would literally womanhandle a victim's bosom on national television, with the aim of bringing that bosom up to their level. Because they cared. They were doing it for that bosom's own good. If only, they sighed, that bosom could find a better-fitting bra. Consider the male equivalent, and picture Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear, lifting and separating another man's testicles to convince him that, with more supportive underpants, they would hang more pleasingly and chafe less in an emergency stop.

Jon Canter: If a man compliments another man's appearance, it is assumed that he's gay | Comment is free | The Guardian

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