Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah & Joe 's Laundromat

drawing by marguerita

There she was, resplendent in black, striding out like a power-walker, and greeting Joe Biden like an assertive salesman, first-naming him right off the bat.
It took her about 15 seconds to define her persona — the straight-talking mom from regular America — and it was immediately clear that the night would be filled with tales of soccer moms, hockey moms, Joe Sixpacks, main-streeters, “you betchas” and “darn rights.” Somewhere in heaven Norman Rockwell is smiling.
She was surprisingly forceful on the subject of Iran (pronouncing Ahmadinejad better than her running mate) though she stepped over the line in claiming that Democrats sought to raise the “the white flag of surrender.”

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Op-Ed Columnist - The Palin Rebound - NYTimes.comThe sentences of Sarah Palin, diagrammed. - By Kitty Burns Florey - Slate Magazine

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