Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama & Hill-The Strength Which Lies in Unity

drawing by marguerita
Truth would need to be cajoled and flattered, not pursued with the tactless dogmatism of most philosophers.
While philosophy must overcome its dogmatic thinking, it has at least provided our culture with the tension to spring forward into something new and better.
Nietzsche catalogs a number of the dogmatisms inherent in philosophy, such as the separation of ideas into binary opposites like truth and falsehood;
“immediate certainties,” like Descartes' certainty that he is thinking; and the idea of free will.
Philosophy is interested in giving us insight not into truth but into the minds of the different philosophers. Everything is governed by a will to power, and in philosophy, we see great minds trying to impose their will on the world by persuading others to see the world as they see it.-Nietzche

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