Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama & Hill: The Art of the Deal

drawing by marguerita.....the “O” as having an extended life(series)

CHICAGO — President-elect Barack Obama put the rancor and even some of the rhetoric of the presidential campaign behind him on Monday as he welcomed his chief Democratic adversary into his cabinet and signaled flexibility in his plans to withdraw troops from Iraq.
Most striking in that regard was the sight of Mr. Obama side by side with Mrs. Clinton, whose foreign-policy judgment and credentials he questioned just months ago, and Mr. Gates, who has for the last two years run the war Mr. Obama condemned for a president he denounced.
The body language was friendly and appropriate, if not necessarily personal.
Mrs Clinton, 61, said she would give 'my all'
Standing behind Mr. Obama during his remarks, Mrs. Clinton nodded as he spoke of the nation’s challenges; after the event ended, the two walked out of the room arm in arm, her hand gently patting his back..With Appointments, Obama Moves On From the Campaign -

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