Monday, January 26, 2009

Gov.Paterson &Why Do They Shoot Horses?

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So now we have an N.R.A. handmaiden in Bobby Kennedy’s old seat? Kirsten Gillibrand, a k a Tracy Flick, accepting the honor with her Republican pal Al D’Amato beside her on stage? Gross.Op-Ed Columnist - Which Governor Is Wackier? -

What is the origin and meaning of this phrase, expressed by Juppe in French as On acheve bien les chevaux?

A former bouncer in a marathon dance hall, Horace McCoy, titled his first novel, published in 1935, ''They Shoot Horses, Don't They?'' Its theme was defeatism in life's long dance, its style hard-boiled; its plot centered on the killing of a marathon dancer, a hopeless dere-lict, by her partner, out of what the murderer insisted was kindness, as ''the only way to put her out of her misery.''

Why Do They Shoot Horses? - New York Times

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