Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama 's Shifting Reality

drawing by marguerita
The shifting reality has done more than force a change in focus. It also led Mr. Obama to re-examine his assumptions about a range of issues, hone his thinking and reach out to new advisers, some of them drawn from Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, some of his aides said.
“He approaches the intelligence reports the same way he approaches a lot of the things he reads, whether it’s a story in The New York Times or a report from the ground,” said Denis McDonough, a longtime foreign policy aide who is often charged with finding answers to questions Mr. Obama raises
.At home, Mr. Obama is confronting a fluid economic and financial crisis that is sure to demand evolving thinking and a certain amount of trial and error.
Abroad, Afghanistan, Iran and the Israel-Palestinian conflict are likely to be among the first tests of how Mr. Obama handles the changed landscape.

2 Years After Campaign Began, a Different World -

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