Friday, January 2, 2009

SpeakUp: against indifference to others

collage by marguerita
You see, there were these two New York guys acting like, well, New York guys. In some circles, they’re called alpha males. Sometimes, alpha males come hard-wired with omega emotional quotients.That seemed to be the case with these guys, both Wall Street types. They went to the same spinning class at a gym on the Upper East Side. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, spinning involves a workout on a stationary bicycle. It has nothing to do with a Gandhi-like pursuit of producing one’s own clothing.

One of these men, was being obnoxious in a New York guy way. To pump himself up, he kept grunting loudly and shouting phrases like “Good burn!” and “You go, girl!” The fact that other people might not have appreciated his loud grunts and screams was a concept apparently beyond his grasp.

One of those other people, couldn’t take it anymore.
“To them, what they have to do is far more important than where the ambulance is going.”NYC - When Guys and Grunts Get Tangly -

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