Sunday, February 1, 2009

Obama,Global Crisis and factoring in the “image”

drawing by margueritaWell, as they said at Boucheron; where the precious stone-bedecked fine jewellery collection inspired by the Folies Bergères was on display, and where a store in Azerbaijan is essentially supported by a single customer, “it only takes one”.
They were genuinely surprised – not offended or chastising about the idea of a profession where the amount of money spent on a single garment is equivalent to many people’s yearly salaries, but taken aback, as though they had simply assumed that of course, given the current state of the global economy, such extravagance would have retreated quietly from the public eye. And since the day the shows opened was a) only a few days after the famed Obama bump failed to save the president’s favourite tailor, Hart Schaffner Marx, from declaring Chapter 11, b) the same day that companies from Caterpillar to Corus announced what amounted to 76,000 job cuts and c) the rulers of the universe at Davos acknowledged that last year they had had no idea how bad things would get, you can understand why. / Weekend / Style - Couture is spared from the crisis

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