Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And a Little Piece of News About Poland, Europe and the World as it Is

My mother's left arm with the tatoo A-26.427.

 Years ago,the judge in Poland asked me why ?my mother did not have anymore d0cuments?
 Forced out from her home in 1940, she was sent to concentration camps and got out with 36 kilos few days before the end of the war in 1945.
 I found 17 documents in the Polish archives about her movements before she was taken to Auschwitz and arrived there in 1944.

On behalf of , I kindly inform you that it turned out that the court in Warsaw forgot to correct one information in your documents in its judgment on 4th March 2009. Thus we turned to the court with a formal motion to supplement the judgment. In order to do it, the court must set a date for the next hearing. Unfortunately the court has not done it yet although we sent the letter to the court to speed up its activities. We will send another letter to the court to remind the court about our case.

When the case before the court is finished and when the decision of the court becomes final, then the changes in the documents will have to be recorded in vital records office (in the same time we will apply for including some missing details in the documents which the court could not do). Then we will be able to submit the documents to the court in the inheritance case.

 I hope that all those motions will be resolved and the final decision of what belonged to my mother will happen before the turn of this century,tak?

 The absurdity  of this  theatrical pantomime in a case where my mother was forced out from her home,taken to concentration camps and later on the Russians and now Poland resisting to comply .
Sorry for my sarcasm,but I cannot stop to think about the pain that I feel,as well as for   my murdered family.The cruel uproots of  individuals,who lived there since The Inquisition in Spain,and I and now ,my sons living with a melancholy which cannot be translated into words.My roots,the memories of my mother and ancestors who were born in Poland and contributed to the nation.This goes as well for my father who was arrested by The Russians,and lost all his family and assets.
 Until today I struggle to have a roof over my head,and answering to Where are you from? And where is your family??????

Marguerita Bornstein

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