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O Rebu - drawings by Marguerita Bornstein and Antigone

 I am working on my graphic novel,turning my mind back and forth,as I would be watching a surr
eal movie and by chance listening to a WBGO talk about Antigone.

In fact it is quite fascinating to live and look into memories.

 How much has happened since my  childhood days  in my Sydney kindergarten.
 I wanted to draw and paint,and got punished for refusing to take a nap,Ha!!!!!
I feel like going into this secret  cave and, which by a coincidence,the name  and the cause of my seizures was recently determined.
 I have a a  Cavernous Hemangioma and  while in the hospital,before hearing  about the diagnosis I had an idea  to continue on my ongoing BRAIN series: Going  For a Walk In My Mind.
 The Mind,the Brain ,the Eyes  always  a source of inspiration.
So here I find out that the novela for which I created the title sequence,O Rebu,maybe brought back to television reworked by another known playwright.
Braulio Pedroso,the original playwright, unfortunately not alive, a wonderful satirist known for his theatre plays,who I had the luck to meet when I was a teenager and remember how he interpreted one day my drawings at the time.
 I always loved horses,and then I was drawing horses.
 We were at the barzinho do Museu  when Braulio  believed that a young woman thinking about horses was a sexual craving.....a sensual note to a young virgin,like me ,then. 
So that stayed forever in my mind.
 Who knows if Braulio picked up the vein of my erotic sense pervading  in my art?
 Well erotica is a delicious feeling which few capture and most of the time a scary subject,which throws many into a hysterical mood.
So many years later,in 1974, Tv Globo called me to create the drawings for O Rebu and it was  to match Braulio's vision.

 My drawings,the woman in a champagne glass is there again,reminding me of my moments of pure joy.

Working as an artist,for the press since my teen ager days,taking part in art exhibits and nurturing my art, my raison d'etre and passport for survival,for being an independent woman  and ahead of the times in Brazil,my career was abruptly aborted.

 The Cartoonist In Chief in Brazil felt undermined by a young talented woman,already  pursued by his shadow brother who through his mellifluos tongue, years before set me up to loose my job and be raped.
 I was working at the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, where  the Editor in Chief taught me to be a designer  and initiate me into my  love of Typography.
I come to New York and instead of being able to work on my art I was slapped  and enrolled into a web of lies,because I did not sleep with an art director at The New York Times,where I was supposed to work,indicated by the Managing Editor Louis Silverstein, to whom I was introduced through Walter Herdeg  the publisher of GRAPHIS,where my work was 
in its pages.
So far,34 years have passed.I never stopped creating and producing my art,married ,conceived two sons .
I must return to the road I was on,like a À la recherche du temps perdu—known in English as In Search of Lost Time andRemembrance of Things Past—for an audience of general readers.
 I enjoy the feedback and interact with masses to bring laughter and illuminate,as I learned from my two parents who saw what Life and Mankind are about,since my mother survived Auschwitz and my father Siberia.

 Why are we listening to Men developing nuclear bombs, and oblivious,so much indifference for natural needs,  and  not realize that we all have to all hold hands and clear the world of the Dark Cloud that only dooms our rights to live?
Helas Antigone but with a hopeful twist.


p.s. A novela tambem inovava na trilha sonora e na abertura. 
A abertura usava aquarelas e colagens da artista plastica Marguerita (hoje residente em Nova York) 
e a trilha sonora era composta por Raul Seixas e Paulo Coelho. 


Uma das produções mais ousadas da teledramaturgia brasileira, a novela O Rebu, pode virar uma série de tevê de 12 episódios. Segundo informações, ainda não confirmadas, a Rede Globo está analisando o projeto que será concebido no formato das séries americanas.

A novela O Rebu, de Bráulio Pedroso, exibida entre 1974 e 1975, por seu formato inovador, foi um marco na teledramaturgia brasileira. Quem vê, hoje em dia, a saga de Jack Bauer sendo contada em um dia dividido em 24 episódios, saiba que essa inusitada narrativa foi uma das inovações apresentadas em O Rebu. A novela, que teve 132 capítulos, e se passava em apenas dois dias, contava a história de uma festa em homenagem a uma princesa italiana chamada Olímpia. Durante a festa ocorreu um assassinato. O mistério em torno desse crime foi mais uma inovação da produção. Apenas no capítulo 92 soubemos os nomes do assassino e da vítima.

O elenco da novela era outro ponto alto. Nomes como ZiembinskiJosé LewgoyArlete Sales,Tereza Raquel, Mauro Mendonça, Carlos Vereza, Yara cortes, Lima Duarte, Buza Ferraz e Bete Mendes brilharam nesse thriller à brasileira. Já começamos a engrossar a torcida para que esse projeto vingue e assim como no projeto original, o elenco seja de peso. Segue um vídeo do Almanaque Globo com cenas raras e um resumo da novela.





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