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drawing by marguerita

Males and females are different.

This is so obvious that, at first, it hardly seems worth

pointing out. But in fact, it is remarkable. It is also

the cause of a profound sexual tension.

The problem is, often, the pressures on males and

females are not the same. In the fruit fly Drosophila

melanogaster, for example, males must perform an

elaborate song-and-dance routine to seduce each


females, in contrast, must give off a certain smell to be attractive to a male.

Females need to eat

a high protein diet so as to be able to produce eggs;

males can skimp on the proteins. (The behavior of male and female sage grouse is well known; click here to see a male display.) Needless to say, in this species females do all the childcare: they choose a nest site, sit on the eggs, then feed and protect the chicks.

Note: and as Alberta Hunter sings:My heart is sad and I'm all alone

My man treats me mean

I regret the day that I was born

And that man I ever seen

My happiness is less today

My heart is broke that's why I say

Lord, a good man is hard to find

You always get another kind

Just when you think that he's your pal

You look and find him foolin' 'round some old gal

Then you rave, you all crave

You wanna see him in his grave

So if your man is nice, take my advice

Hug him in the morning, kiss him ev'ry night

Give him plenty lovin', treat your good man right

'Cause a good man nowadays sure is hard to find

Oh, a good man is so hard to find

We always get that roughed old kind

Just when you think that he's your pal

You look and find him hangin' 'round some old gal

Then you rave, shall you crave

You wanna see him dead layin' in his grave

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