Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Of The Real World according to MF,Foxes and Space Vegetalia

drawing by marguerita
There’s a scene in Anthony Trollope’s political novel, “Phineas Finn,” in which young Phineas, about to enter Parliament, tells a party leader that he is going to think for himself and decide issues as

he sees best.

The leader, Barrington Erle, looks at him with utter disgust.

To Erle, anybody who thinks that way is “unstable as water and dishonest as the wind."

Human beings, the philosophers tell us, are social animals. We emerge into the world ready to connect with mom and dad. We go through life jibbering and jabbering with each other, grouping and regrouping.

We instinctively feel a tinge of pain when we observe another in pain (at least most of us do)."

Note: ONLY SOME DO.......

We instinctively mimic, even to a small extent, the mood, manners, yawns and actions of the people around us.

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