Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello, Hello NYTimes ;RE:Since When the Idea on the Last Paragraph???

With luck, the volcano will simmer down soon and the ash plume will disperse.

Flights will resume,
business will begin ....... yeah: TIME IS MONEY.....
I AM BUSY.....
Who You?......
to make up its losses,
and weary travelers will
safely find their way home.

It will be a long time

before we forget FORGET????

the threat that

lies smoldering under

an Icelandic glacier.

Or its lesson that even in the 21st centry, our lives are still at the sufferance of nature.
Since WHEN, the NYTimes OPINION does not realize REAL WORLD is what we are all walking on?
Oh,Mon Dieu!
Abre Alas Pra Minha Folia!
Pace in Terris

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