Sunday, May 2, 2010

Of,Frazzles,Thoughts about in the Wind, Sondheim,Emotions, Real World

drawing by marguerita

A ntidepressants and performance-enhancing drugs, from steroids to mental stimulants toViagra, are modifying human behavior. Replaceable body parts, plastic surgery and gender re-assignment


undermining the traditional idea of the individual as a being with a

singular identity and destiny. Hand-held devices have turned us into

robotic mobile power stations continually transmitting and receivinginformation in computer language that has seeped into pop songs.

These developments are profoundly antithetical to the dream of sadly

civilized enlightenment evoked by Mr. Sondheim’s songs.

In this emerging world, the truth of existence is rooted more in

quantifiable physical reality than in ideas and emotions.

Musically it is embodied in hard digital beats and in performances

staged as competitive sports events.

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