Sunday, September 9, 2012

Of Rules,Of Reality, and Day by Day,the Unbelievable Truth

                                   drawing by marguerita

Obama should stop using the phrase — first minted by Bill Clinton in 1992 — that if you just “work hard and play by the rules” you should expect that the American system will deliver you a decent life and a chance for your children to have a better one. That mantra really resonates with me and, I am sure, with many voters. There is just one problem: It’s out of date.
The truth is, if you want a decent job that will lead to a decent life today you have to work harder, regularly reinvent yourself, obtain at least some form of postsecondary education, make sure that you’re engaged in lifelong learning and play by the rules. That’s not a bumper sticker, but we terribly mislead people
P.S. Note:
I grew up working,as when I witnessed when I was 10 years old, my father Dr.Stefan Felix Bornstein, collapse, who had an impressive professional background,with studies in Poland, Berlin and Verviers, to become a textile and chemical engineer,to be able to continue on the realm of his family's

Starzycka Manufaktura, in Tomaszow-Mazowiecki in Poland.

His brothers, Aleksander,become a lawyer, and Wladislaw 

,an architect in Koln and other parts of Germany.

 Not only an engineer, my father was a writer ,interested in finding new sources in Nature for industrial use,he wrote texts in German, French, Russian ,Polish and Portuguese,
besides being an inventor.
After surviving Siberia,he went to France,where he was writing for Teintex,a textile publication, and had got himself a Carte de Sejour.
Both my parents after all the horrors they went through during WWII,taught me to be resilient, fiercely independent and rely on my talent as a creative and capable artist.
Never to rely on anyone,or governments.
And now I find myself with no means for survival.

It is such an absurd to find myself at present, with all my know how ,professional experience looking desperately for a financial backing  as I am not able on my own to proceed.
I have non stop,throughout the years of my life, non stop pursuing my dreams, productive and prolific, and could and can do more if given the opportunity.

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