Monday, November 25, 2013

Of OBAMA,OBOMB,OBAMBA,OBOMBA and variations on the theme....

drawing by marguerita

But having arrived they found that history seeming to be lying 

obstinately beyond their reach.

The differences between Iran and the western states seemed minute – in some cases just a single word - but attached to that word would be a whole file full of technical details that only experts could decipher.
A greater challenge was that when the negotiations inevitably spilled into the weekend, the Intercontinental was double-booked. On one wing of the first floor were the committee rooms set aside for the talks, but the rest was hired out for parties. As the night drew on and they became tipsier, they were drawn to the polished stone lobby in their dinner jackets as if it were a red carpet at the Oscars. Long ball-gowns and stiletto heels, intermingling with the business suits of the foreign ministry teams, sometimes created a human logjam at the glass revolving door.As Saturday turned to Sunday, the final decisions were taken by capitals, particularly Washington, as Kerry excused himself on several occasions to call the White House.

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