Thursday, July 24, 2014

A CALL : A call to cooperate not to clash

drawing collage by marguerita
The world needs to move away from “zero sum thinking” and focus on cooperation in order to meet the challenges of this new century.

“If you look around the world, wherever there are diverse networks of people whose primary objective is to get something done, goods things are going to happen.”

He also acknowledged that “millions of people” die from lack of access to medication and discussed how much of his work post-presidency involved fundraising.

“Are we going to share the future? Or are we going to fight for it? Our goal should be to find a way to bridge the divide.”

“Are we going to share the future or are we going to fight over it? Is what we have in common more important than our histories or differences?”

“We are living in the most interconnected period in human history, but all that means is that we’re bumping up against one another, around the corner and around the world.
“What we do affects other people and what they do affects us, and divorce is not an option.”
from Royce Kurmelovs  Guardian

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