Thursday, September 18, 2014

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                                                       drawing by marguerita
                       You think Heaven is safe?
                       We have a population of demi-gods,
                        Satyrs,nymphs,fauns, the playful
                        Spirits of wild places,
                        Astral entities who loiter about.
                        When we denied these the freedom of heaven
                        We compensated them
                         With their grottoes and crags,their woods and their
                        Their dells and knolls.In all these sanctuaries
                        We should protect them.
                         Imagine their fears
                         Since the uncontrollable Lycaon
                         Plotted against me, and attempted
                         To do away with me- Jove,King of Heaven,
                         Whose right hand
                         Rests among thunderheads and whose left
                         Sways the assemblies of heaven!

                         The gods roared their outrage.
                         Mankind recoiled stunned
                         As the world's ending and
                        The very air hallucinated horrors.
                        The corruption of mankind
                         Rose to my nostrils,here in heaven,
                         As a stench of putrid flesh.
                         Seeking better news of the species
                         I left Olympus, and in the shape of a man
                         Walked the earth.
                          If I were to recount, in every detail,
                          How man has distorted himself
                          With his greed,his lies,his indifference,
                           The end of time,I think,
                            Would overtake the reckoning.

                           from Tales from OVID



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