Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pensamentos: Two days before my birthday

I stayed away from my Frog for quite sometime.
Nevertheless I had my Frog on my mind all the time.

Now ,tow days before my birthday,as my son Stefan inspired me again,last night,"Why Ma,have you not being posting on the Frog, I had to return.

 Fabiolo,my canary and I.
When 1 was eleven years old, my father moved us to the outskirts of Sao Paulo, to Sao Miguel Paulista,where he got a position at Nitroquimica.
We lived in a house,on a dirt road,next to a very polluted Rio Tiete, an extremely poisoned river.I tended with my next door neighbor to his chickens,my only endeavor besides playing piano and listening to the radio.
I had no school.
So one day my mother went into town,where she got me Fabiolo.

He got this name in deference to Queen Fabiola,of Spain and her brother Jaime, nicknamed "Fabiolo".but my canary,become my instant companion.
He would fly out from his cage,to sit on my head,when I was play
ing piano.
                                       this photo  was taken in 1966.
Would a human companion do more than that?

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