Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hillary Get your Gun: Reject &Denounce

Watching Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
Well, look.....
...pillow talk
A lot has been said since we last gathered in this forum, certainly since -- in the few days since you two last debated. Senator Clinton, in your comments especially, the difference has been striking. And let's begin by taking a look.-BRIAN WILLIAMS, NBC NEWS ANCHOR
“She says speeches don’t put food on the table,” Mr. Obama said in Youngstown. “You know what? Nafta didn’t put food on the table, either.” Later, he went further, claiming that Ohio’s workers have “watched job after job after job disappear because of bad trade deals like Nafta.
“I’m not just going to talk about what’s wrong with Nafta,” she said in Youngstown, the day after Mr. Obama had been there. “I’m going to fix it and I have a four-point plan to do exactly that.”
“While our competitors — China and others — are investing heavily in infrastructure,” Donald Plusquellic, the mayor of Akron, the world’s onetime rubber capital, told me, “we’ve done a terrible job reinvesting in America.”

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