Friday, February 22, 2008

SWQ: Sweet & Sour Tidbits AproposWomen's Strength

The Change:from Cave
to Our Very Moment
n face that women withstand so many challenges,I thought about coining SWQ, as a denomination for another issue, the one when women,are called Strong Women, meaning.that we can cope with any seismic eruption,disruption and still keep our chin up.
Yes it is true. And what is more pathetic, is that the perception that lends itself to Strong Women is like being in an ongoing olympics.
I have heard that line all my life.: "You are a Strong Woman!"
And believe me the compliment turns out to be quite a dilemma or an invite to accept cruelty.
So when I learn about the new attacks on all the women that are now in the political arena,getting hit one way or another,I can see through the ropes.
Women in all stages of civilization were in fact stronger and are stronger than man.
We are built to conceive,endure labor and be by natural designation the ones to guide man from his destructive self.
Looking into weaponry manufacturing,I do not believe that women were ever creating arsenals or leading armies into invasions.
Not even the Strong Women.
I think we can only admit that truth and not react in a warfare fashion.
On the other hand Man,not all of them,play their games of intimidation,subjugation.
There is Violence perpetrated by sick men,Rape and Fatal moves to impede women in many instances,when they see themselves short to match.
A Mother is a very noble and influential occupation and should always be regarded in high well as the Father's role.
There should never be a belittlement towards a woman that choses to stay at home.
She will have the time to nurture her mind and so be an asset for her family,husband and children and society.
On the other hand,women that are born with an inherent talent or a capacity to be
working in the field they are capable or chose,should not me stigmatized, slandered,defamed and suffer from sexual harassment.
Sexual Harassment is a crime,a traumatic experience that no words can describe and an act that cannot ever be erased from a woman's mind.
In a surreal way,the cat and mouse schtick,with few exceptions is the normal.
So much for the Guccis, Valentinos, Puccis and Schmucci's.
They take care of the Dominatrix front.The Strong Women of another kind.

That is when we encounter the firing squad.

Why simplify an issue that is tearing the world apart for so many centuries?
If one reads History,the facts are there. A good number of Strong Women in reality achieved with great resistance ,positions as rulers or were also influential in the world and societies they lived.Instrumental at influencing an intellectual atmosphere,introducing,thought, art, food and fashion into the everyday life of the common citizens,as well as suffering backlashes as well,many times,or mostly engineered by jealousy and intrigues.
Woman and Man hopefully should be partners.Confidants and sincere friends.
We need each other.
After all ,the bottom line on the end of the day demonstrates that in the Animal world,the Flora and Fauna,the interaction between Male and Female is a constant.
Humans,so far are still disputing the obvious.
Maybe if we all try to Change in fact,one by one, and take ourselves into perspective,Man,Woman,Sun,Moon and Stars we will find peace and harmony on this Earth.
The only reason that we are all in so much turmoil,is because we perpetuate the same bad habits,instead of realizing that we do not need all the fighting,destruction and anger.
We need a Change.
Only that the Change comes from within.
From an interior monologue to a dialogue and a desire to live and let live.
A search for Beauty and Joie de Vivre.
And that is where I believe that the nuts and bolts are so needed.

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