Saturday, February 23, 2008

G Spot:The G(Spot)rand Adventure Roadmap

Does it exist? Has she got one? Where the bloody hell is it? The questions modify slightly, but the angst remains.
Yes, there is something psychedelically camp about the whole idea of the G-spot, within even the name possessing a sort of yesterday's-tomorrow's-world feel to it. In martial arts, myths have always circulated that there exists a spot on the neck which can be gently struck causing instant death. And so with the G-spot: as Ariane Sherine noted this week on Comment is free, it made people believe that there is a certain spot in a woman that, if approached in the right way, could make her bark like a dog, or whatever the holy grail of human congress is supposed to be.Whether the new uncertainty will wrest the G-spot back from these chiselling practitioners is hard to say. But in such unsettling times, when most things we thought we knew were wrong, there is a certain nostalgic, reassuring quality to the discovery that there are still white-coated Italian chaps generating female orgasms under laboratory conditions. I do hope they go to work on silver Vespas, accompanied by retro-futuristic soundtracks.

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