Sunday, May 18, 2008

"To remove themselves from the mechanisms of disgrace by becoming observers.” [2]

drawing firstpublished in The NYTimes
We all want to be observers. We want to be above the fray, above the pain, above having to deal.

Because we don’t think our­selves mentally tough enough to take on the world as it is. We believe—because we have been taught to believe —that we are inadequate to the tasks at hand. We don’t want to feel guilty for environmental disasters not of our own making. We don’t want to feel sad for people starving in Africa. We don’t want to have to take on any burdens other than our own, because the problems seem too big, the insanity unsolvable.
?- note from TPF

The importance of those notions has been eclipsed by greater urgencies. We live in a challenged, confused and subverted world. We don’t need to put any burrs under any saddles. We have enough burrs for a lifetime. We have enough distance.
The great challenge now is to find relationship

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