Saturday, June 14, 2008

Men are pigs, they know that each other are pigs, so they can operate accordingly. It doesn’t mean anything.”

“I can’t say that anything has changed for us personally,” said David Eppley, who married Chad Garner in 2004. What has changed for gay couples is that marriage is part of the dating landscape, adding tension or romance, pressure or excitement. “It makes me completely think differently about the relationship".

,”“gets as excited about seeing me as I get about seeing him,” because “sometimes he’ll do my laundry and fold it the way I like it,” and because “he makes my coffee really well — one Equal with just a tablespoon of fat-free half-and-half.”
“Maybe I should move out and maybe that will make him appreciate me,” Mr. Collins said. “I’ve gone so far as looking for an apartment.”
Amy Bullock married in 2004 after her partner of nine years said “we’ve got to quick do it because maybe they’ll reverse” the law, Ms. Bullock recalled. They had a child and were considering having another. But five months after the wedding, “she decides she is straight,” Ms. Bullock said. “Maybe being married triggered those feelings,” she said. “I didn’t see it coming.”

“I don’t want you to get concerned that I’m pushing marriage or anything.”

“I don’t feel safe,” Linda said. “I’d rather freeze my butt off and be with my honey.”
‘Why don’t you have a Christmas tree? Is it the Jewish thing?’ ”
“almost brings a tear to my eye; and honey, it takes a lot to bring a tear to my eye.”
“It’s a hard commitment to make,” Mr. Venter said. But they try to settle their disagreements. “I’m more willing to figure it out,” he said. “In the past I might have just ended the relationship.”

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