Thursday, September 4, 2008

Introducing Senator McPain & Ms.Alasqueaky

Watching last night's the Circus Republican show of sorts with Senator McPain and Ms.Alasqueaky,mad me wonder about what reality is all about.

Six million +people ,including my family were attacked and murdered by Hitler,and since then the world has been spinning every moment deeper into violence and incredulity.To claim heroic traits,for voluntarily entering a military career, getting hurt as consequence of being part of an attack on innocent civilians,children,women and men in a distant country, Senator McPain is no material for a leader.

His new counterpart,Ms.Alasqueaky hardly represents womanhood,the nurturing and creative voice to address our needs .In fact she is a perfect set of contradictions.

In her squeaky manner,her words come out as set from a textbook for dummies.It is appaling to watch the ceering of acrowd so out of sink with

what is happening.Dressed as clowns,waving empty posters with nonsense words in sight. Oh,no!

We all need to assess our understanding about existence,the formidable voyage that is called Life.So few are in tune and conscious about every individual's sense of being.

Basically,the same ,more of the same,parrot talk about absolute distant

motives for how we all on this planet should try to co exist.

Primarily the food factor is totally ignored, a issue with uttermost significance,as hunger leads to weakness,disease, revolt and anger.

A leader does not need a chorus of sycophants.Or false pretext to prove his or hers ability.It comes with his or hers persona.

A constructive vision,from within,with a natural passion.

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