Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sarah Palin Uber Alles,Keep Going.....

drawing by marguerita
She loves America’s “most beautiful national anthem,” she told a crowd here a few hours later.Apparently there are people who do not feel the same way about America as Ms. Palin does, she said at campaign rallies over the last two days. Those people just do not get it.Political Memo - A Riveting Speaker, Waving the Flag - NYTimes.com

Note: Deutschland Uber Alles In 1945, after the end of World War II, singing Das Lied der Deutschen and other symbols used by Nazi Germany were banned for some time by the Allies. The described border near the Memel river in the East was now a thing of the past. Germans were expelled up to 500 km to the West, behind the Oder and Neisse rivers. Also, the call for "protection and defiance" and even for "unity and justice and freedom" was not welcome, as Germany was occupied, under martial law and split among four Allies plus Poland. As after the first war, some bitter parodies were written to reflect the situation.
Deutschlandlied - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wenn Alle Untreu Werden and Deutschland über Alles - Video

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