Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wall Street: The Answer is in The Wind

drawing by marguerita
Wall Street looked beyond the government’s bailout plan on Wednesday and saw more signs that the economy was in for a dramatic slowdown.Stocks Slide Amid New Trouble Signs -

"But the dwarf said there is no need to be upset,because the people Asterisk sacrifices to himself have already been born, and dying in the arena is the common fate that nobody escapes.I tried to ask in that case what was the point of the sacrificial tribute,but the dwarf began getting nervous and said,"Look, he's coming, now you can see him for yourself."I looked up.Two figures had appeared in front of the burnt-out building.Striding along solemnly in front was a dwarf holding a flag,with the Merrill Lynch symbol on it- you remember it, they have that jolly little bull- and the inscription "Be Bullish!'- from The Helmet of Horror by Victor Pelevin

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