Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mr. Ahmadinejad : I challenge you

by marguerita
(page of my unpublished book)

I,Marguerita Bornstein,the daughter and descendant of two Jewish prominent families in Europe stand here as a proof of the truth about what you deny.
When you say:“an entire nation homeless under the pretext of Jewish suffering” in order “to establish a totally racist government in occupied Palestine.”
I can attest that I am homeless,as my parents after being forced out of their homes and country,tortured and prisoners of the Nazi and Russians invaders,never were able to return to the place they were born,as all their families were totally murdered and all their assets taken as well.
Until today I do not have a secured roof over my head and live in constant fear.
I until today,after moving around from one continent to another,am a displaced person.
My mother after coming out from Auschwitz, with 36 kilos,on the last days of the war in 1945,on an exchange of so many German soldiers for the half alive number of Jewish women in Ravensbrueck,after a long walk to Krakow,being stoned by the Poles,was not allowed back into her home and building which was invaded by a Third Reich Nazi,called Richard Kallert.
After throwing out my mother's mother in law, a 70 year old woman,from the fourth floor to her death,sent my mother,Salomea Lauer to Plaszow.
From there she was sent to Auschwitz and then to Ravensbrueck,where she was working as a slave laborer, for the Germans, A.G. NOBEL.producing bullets for their murderous intents..
I live with this reality on my skin,as my parents were never able to recover their lives and I am the physical reminder of the truth which you,Mr. Ahmadinejad try to call a myth.
I was born from the ashes of a civilization that was brutally exterminated,only for the purpose of looting and destruction by other humans.
The so called corporations ,banks and the wealth of many, was built from the blood of the European Jewry.
The hypocrisy and lies and denials are the cause of the problems in the Middle East.
Innocent Jews and innocent Arabs that belong there are divided by the political games ,armament merchants,that some countries have been playing with in the name of Peace,but in fact is in the name of Oil and Profit, and using humans that are caught in as hostages.
The only way to quiet down and bring a peaceful co existence is to bring to the table all the parties involved in the quagmire, to put down arms and realize that what we humans partake of this time on Earth, is a share not a possession.
We are all part of the same Universe,Air ,Earth and Water and should learn how to respect each other,as we are all in the same boat,whatever the color of our skins,eyes or hair.
Since Man,calls himself part of civilization, History demonstrates that few had wisdom and searched to live in harmony,while the majority was always looking to grab from one another what ever they could.Thus the wars and bestial crimes,that do not stop to occur.
Man must meditate and reason with his own self,before going out to attack.
I live with the knowledge,through the experience that both my parents witnessed, for which no words can ever translate or describe.

They taught me,not to hate and not to harbor anger.

My mother witnessed and saw Mengele, Eichman and Hitler with her own eyes.
They were in cohorts with the businessman to take what they could,
Hair,Skin,Souls and Bones.

She was there. She was brutalized by them.
My father the same ,as a prisoner in Siberia in a gulag.
I did not read stories in books or watched movies.
I come out of their bodies.
I watched their suffering.
And I carry this pain. I must vindicate and stand here for them,as you Mr. Ahmadinejad and other deniers ,are insulting their memory and my being.

I will never condone violence of any kind,and as much as I do not agree with the way that Israelis become ,they unfortunately are a product of the horrendous circumstances they live everyday and moment of their lives.

The ladies that attend balls for the United Nations party circuit are in fact the suckers that help the bloodletting in the Middle East ,as they help to foment the discord instead of partaking in the effort to remedy the roots of the violence in the shameful struggle for survival.
We all must STOP the VIOLENCE,and that will only happen on the day that people like youMr. Ahmadinejad and Company learn and accept historical facts .

The issues about the Middle East are never brought to light of how injustice by other countries ,which had and still have only interests to profit from the natural resources in the ground,sacrificed and sacrifice , innocent people from both sides.
The ongoing struggle that Jews have endured through centuries, is due to ignorance by many bystanders... Historical evidence can demonstrate,how even most of stones used to build the Colosseum in Rome,were taken from the Jerusalem Temple after Judea was attacked by the Romans.
From time immemorial the land in the Middle East was occupied by Jews and Arabs.
The Arab people by nature were mostly nomads
.Editorial - More Hatred From Mr. Ahmadinejad - NYTimes.com

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