Saturday, April 18, 2009

Obama:plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose,tralala

drawing collage by marguerita
Where’s the fight?

WASHINGTON — President Obama is well known for bold proposals that have raised expectations, but his administration has shown a tendency for compromise and caution,
and even a willingness to capitulate
on some early initiatives.
In some of his earliest skirmishes, Mr. Obama eventually chose pragmatism over fisticuffs. “If Obama is too timid, if the White House is too cautious,” said Robert Dallek, a presidential historian, “it is going to make him look too opportunistic.
He made all these promises during the campaign, he talked so boldly, he stirred all our hopes, and now he is not following through.”

“The thing we still don’t know about him is what he is willing to fight for,” said Leonard Burman, an economist at the Urban Institute and a Treasury Department official in the Clinton administration.
“The thing I worry about is that he likes giving good speeches, he likes the adulation and he likes to make people happy.”
Washington Memo - Despite Major Plans, Obama Taking Softer Stands -

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